Saturday, May 18, 2013

Things you would know about me if you knew me:

I have seven people in my family
I enjoy golfing and snowboarding
I don't have a favorite movie cause it's pointless it would change too much
I like to going camping, biking, fishing etc.
My favorite candy bar is a milky-way
I have never broken any bones
I cannot stand spiders
I don't like to drive (I plan to get a 
I am planning to go to BYU Idaho for school
I love going boating
Cafe Rio is one of my favorite places to eat at
Brighton ski resort is pretty much where I live all winter
Dr. Pepper is one of my weaknesses along with peanut butter M&M'S

sad it's over.

I am so glad I was able to take this class it has been the best. I have learned so much. I learned so many things that I know I will be able to apply and use in life right now and in the future. I also was able to learn and discover so much about myself and I am so grateful for that.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Family reunions

I remember flying on the plane. I remember being so excited. I remember feeling like we'd never get there. I remember landing. I remember being so tired. I remember the fireworks. I remember the crazy drunk guy who tried getting me to sit on his lap. I remember being freaked out. I remember all of the wonderful places we visited. I remember going to the hotel with the room that smelled of smoke. I remember seeing the no smoking sign outside the door. I remember when we went on this trip (2009)  

don't forget

Summer of none stop fun
Co-workers names
Back road to the lake
Room under the stairs
Favorite songs
Color the wall use to be before it got painted
Smell of the ocean
Favorite shirt
Best friends
Suntans from last summer

read closely

How to give someone instructions:
1. Research/ know about the topic you need to give instructions on
2. Explain the instructions to the human(s) who need them
3. Oversee the ability they have to follow the instructions you just gave them
4. If the outcome is bad then you probably need to work on some communication skills
5. Um well good luck
*hope these instructions were clear*

make me toast

How to make a pice of toasts:
1. Walk to where you keep the loaf of bread
2. Reach out and grab the loaf of bread
3. Place on counter
4. Undo the twist tie
5. Pull out the desired number of pieces you would like
6. Grab a pice of the bread and place in the toaster (continue if you have more than one pice you are making)
7.  Make sure the toaster is plugged into an electrical outlet
8. Push the lever or button to turn on the toaster
9. Sing a song or something while you wait for it to toast the bread
10. Take out the toast (don't you anything metal like a fork or something)
11. Place on plate or napkin
12. Put butter or jam on it or whatever you like to eat on your toast
13. Eat the wonderful masterpiece you have just now made

Monday, April 29, 2013

Grow up

When I was six I was never told to grow up. I remember always hearing people tell me to slow down and not grow so fast. What has changed so much now that I am eighteen and being told I better grow up and quick. I know there are a lot of years between six and eighteen but I don't care I'm still not ready to grow up. I'm ready to take a step into Neverland. But it looks like that dream is one that can't come true. I'll try my best to go with the flow and be an adult but no matter how hard you try I'll never let my crayons be thrown away!